Friday, May 25, 2007

Side Scrolling Platform Adventure Creator

Side Scrolling Platform Adventure Creator, or SSPAC for short is a game engine I've been developing in my spare time using the Dark Basic programing language. Basically it's a set of editors for creating a side scrolling platform game. It has a easy to use graphical interface, and when released will contain numerous tile sets and character meshes for people to start creating right away.

Some features I have implemented:
-Main Game World Editor
-Map Editor
-Character and Abilities Editor
-Enemy Editor
-Boss Editor
-Item Editor

All these editors put together will give users all the power to create their own 3d platform game. I've implemented everything from enemies, bosses, abilities, items, weapons, puzzles, events and even cut scenes using music, sound and pre-animated characters.

The reason I'm posting this is I want to know what people would expect out of such a Game Creator, and what features I didn't list that you would like to see. Screenshots are coming soon, and will be posted on the Game Creators Website within the next month.

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