Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Suchi-Rukara Pt1

Suchi-Rukara is a set of short story's I came up with back in my grade schools days, when I just started discovering my passion for creating worlds and telling story's. Since then the only printed copy has sat in a drawer at my parents house. I recently found it in summer of 2006, and have been since re-writing the story, to give the characters more depth, and add more to the story using the knowledge I have gained. I'm hoping to later make this into a series, but for now this project will be placed on the back burner for a later date.

The story centers around a young man who comes to the rescue of a girl, and is injured, causing him to have short term amnesia. The young man is taken to the girls home where an adventure into his own identity leads to a string of events that will change the course of this girls life. Not to go any further, here's the first chapter for Suchi-Rukara.

Episode I: Encounter
You shouldn't be out this late, the words are stuck in my head even now. After convincing my father we needed potatoes for the soap, he gave up and sent me on my way. I arrived at Miller's Store just as Karl was locking up. He looked at me as if I were crazy, but I just smiled and he let me in.
"Cutting it a little close, are we little Marline?"
Now it was my turn to look at him as if he were crazy.
"I'm not little anymore Karl, your just shrinking from old age. I need some potatoes for dinner."
The man chuckles and then walks into the back of the store, the vegetables would be in storage so they would stay fresh longer. It's hard to get organic food growing in the city. The land outside the city are a waist land of wreckage...a reminder of the last war. No one really knows what happened, how the war ended, it just did. There was nothing left, just dead land.
After the war, the city closed itself off from the world, for protection is what the leaders said. Life is hard for everyone in the city, but we manage and we are still alive.
Karl emerges from the back and sets a bag with three potatoes inside on the counter.
"Sorry Marline, this is all I can sell you this week."
The potatoes were already starting to go bad. The vegetable harvest must have been less this week. Things are getting worse, it seems we have less and less food and supplies everyday.
"This will be plenty for dinner."
Karl nods his head and punches a few keys on the computer terminal set in the counter.
"Eighteen credits Marline."
The harvest must have been really bad this week! That's double the price then usual. I'll use one potato tonight, and save the other two for another meal. Reaching into my pocket, I pull out my card and hand it to Karl. He swipes it over the terminal screen then hands it back. After waiting a few seconds, he nods and hands me the small bag of potatoes.
"There you are Miss. Marline. Now hurry home before lock down."
I take the potatoes and head for the door waving back.
"Thank you Mr. Miller. Have a good night."
The cold wind chills my face as I step outside. The city's center clock chimes once and I look up and note the time, 9:45. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from my apartment to Miller's Store. I'll have to run to make it home before lock down. I start to run down the side walk passing a few people as they also rush to get home in time. The lock down was created after the string of murders that started ten years ago, and still continue today. The first night, a couple was found dead...mutilated is the better term to describe it. Their bodies cut into sections and scattered across the city streets. The next night, two more bodies were found in the same condition. Then the next night 4 bodies were found. The next night, 8 bodies were found. The local guard had an investigation, but could never find the killer. The facts they did turn up were the cause of death was a knife used with deadly precision. They also discovered that the time of death for all the victims were just after 10:00pm. Unable to capture the killer, the guard put into effect the lock down. Every night at 10:00pm, everyone is to be inside their homes and locked up. Anyone caught on the streets after lock down were left to fend for them selfs. Not even the guard stay out past 10:00pm.
My apartment is only a block away, where I'll cook dinner for my father and I. Where we will be safe. The distant city clock starts to chime, and my gut twists into a knot. Shit it's 10:00pm already! ? I have to hurry, my apartment is across the street.
A scream, it came from the side alley. I look over, my stomach begins to twist even more. A man lay suspended in the air, his eyes rolled back into his head. No, he's being held up, a long blade is protruding from his chest. The blood, there's so much blood. His cloths and the ground are covered in blood. I can't move! Why can't I move!? I want to cry out, someone help me. I can't speak! Someone please help me!
The bodies moving, no it' s dropping to the ground. The killer is walking towards me. The light from the street reflects off the killer, his hands covered in blood. Not It looks human, but it's made of metal. It's head has a single eye glowing faintly red. It's coming after me! I still can't move. No, this isn't happening...I should be home cooking dinner, safe locked up in my apartment. He's running towards me, I have to move now! My legs are moving, I'm almost there. Don't look back, just get to the door. I can hear clanking of metal against the ground, he's running faster towards me. I look back, his body now fully revealed under the street's lights. What is he!? Someone help me, I have to scream!
Darkness is filling my vision, I'm getting dizzy. I can't run anymore. Help me!

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