Friday, May 25, 2007

Suchi-Rukara Pt2

Episode 2: Survivors
"This is the audio Medical log of Dr. Sheiro for the third moon cycle, twelfth day, 11:57pm. At around 10:15pm, I was shook awake by Guard Commander Morgan. I guess I didn't hear the knock at the door, or the commander couldn't afford to wait. Morgan informed me that I was needed down at the Medical center right away. I dressed quickly and met him and a dozen Guard member's waiting outside my apartment. Morgan handed me a armored vest and gun, and started to fill me in as I was escorted to the facility.

Another attack occurred at 10:00pm resulting in one death, and two injured. It was then that I realized why I was rushed with such urgency. Morgan finally had a witness to the murder's, and he wanted to make sure he could interrogate them tonight.

I arrived at the Medical center and was filled in on the victims' prognosis. The young girl, Marline Jurho suffered minor bruises and scratches. The other victim however suffered from a concussion caused by a overhead metal beam falling on his head. His identity unknown at this time. The male was still unconscious from the blow. I started a routine scan but too my surprise I found no indications of a concussion. When I asked the nurse about the initial scan, she showed me her results. Either the machine is faulty, or this man can repair his body at an astonishing rate. I doubt it, the machines in this place have been breaking down more recently, and with the budget cut, it's hard to make repairs when needed. The scans are unreliable at this time.

Satisfied the male was stable I examined the girl who was still shaken from the attack. Other then the minor scratches and bruises, she is fine. She'll be kept at the center overnight for safety reasons.

After finishing my exams Morgan didn't waist any time and started to interrogate Marline. I stayed to make sure he didn't overdue it. It seems the girl was coming home after visiting Miller's store, but wasn't able to make lock down in time. She started to explain how she saw the first victim being killed, but started to break down crying. I suggested that Commander Morgan come back in the morning so the girl could get some rest. He tried to disagree, so I had to pull rank which ended in a confrontation I didn't want. Before leaving he assigned five of the twelve Guards' to stay with us for the thoughtful of him.

With nothing more to add, end Medical audio log."

Dr. Sheiro hits a few buttons on her desk terminal, and the screen goes blank. She sits back in her chair and starts to rub her eyes. Someone knocks lightly on her office door.
"Come in."
A short man with a toolbox opens the door and walks up to Dr. Sheiro handing her a sheet of paper. She takes it then looks at the man.
"Lucky for me you had the night shift tonight. Did you find the problem?"
The man scratches the back of his head and looks at the doctor with a half smile.
"Actually I found nothing wrong. Everything is working perfectly fine. I tightened a few bolts, but other then that, it works."
Dr. Sheiro rotates in her chair and turns on her terminal pulling up medical records from the male victim.
"Thank you for checking Lee, if you would excuse me I have some work too do."
The man nods and walks out of the office and closes the door. Dr. Sheiro pushes a few more buttons, and an image of the male's scans is displayed in three dimensions in the air above the terminal.

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