Saturday, May 12, 2007

Creativity Overload

Ever since I could remember, I have always taken on more then I could handle. I will start a project, then half way through, start another. It's a curse, and so often I abandon or forget projects, leaving them to rote away in a notebook, or file. I'm constantly flooded with ideas and story's, so much that I loose sight of everything around me, and when I try to re-grasp reality I start to loose those ideas. It's a never ending battle with my mind's attention span, but not something that I will let take control of me, not anymore at least.

So I've decided to create a blog, to bring to order my chaotic thinking, and organize my ideas. I'm a writer, programer, animator, and story teller. I hope this will push me past my curse, and help me accomplish my goals in life. This will also help me publish my ideas for other's to read, and critique my works. Something I need in order to grow in my skill.

I plan on starting small, and publish some of my largest projects that are already into preproduction. I also have several lectures I've created on design theory, C.G.I. design, and game development that I hope will help others accomplish their goals by learning from my personal experiences.

With nothing more to add, I'll say farewell.


Moondog said...

Best of luck to you! A few friends call me "Moondog," too. Anyway, I'll be watching your progress. Just outta curiosity, if nothing else.

--- Josh Mooney

tha_rami said...

I know that feeling, lol. I also overload myself all the time, I'm working on or with several projects: SeaDome, SW3D Games, Awakening and that's only programming (not Art/Web)...